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​In order for students to succeed, they must feel secure social-emotionally. A large part of our work will be in supporting students as they go through their adolescent phase of life. We believe this is key and necessary for students' readiness and ability to learn.

Experiential Learning at DCA

In short, experiential learning is learning through fully engaging experiences. Here at DCA, we will use real world problems as the main focus to guide the experiential process for learning. As we know, real world problems are often solved through the application of knowledge and expertise from various fields. At DCA, we teach students this approach. For example, we address the energy crisis by challenging students to apply their knowledge in math, science, engineering, and communication to design and build wind turbines.

By the time students graduate 8th grade, they will be efficient at acquiring information and turning it into knowledge. All students will be at grade level performance or higher for all core classes. Students will be equipped with the skills to seek out information and solutions. This will be considered a great feat by most, but at our school it will be the norm.

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Learning frm Community
Cultural Pride
Healthy Body & Mind
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